Professional and Biographical Information


PhD (Government - Comparative Politics), Harvard University 
A.M. (Government), Harvard University 
B.A., summa cum laude (Political Science - International Relations and French Language & Literature), Williams College 


My research agenda analyzes the political and societal impact of globalization, supranational integration, and increasingly porous borders. I explore the political phenomena associated with a world in which people's experiential space no longer coincides with national space. How does the mismatch between the boundaries of social, political and economic life, and those of the nation-state, change politics and policy? How does free movement across national borders influence people, parties, and political systems? Specific interests include international migration, pandemic politics, transnational social protection, citizenship, Europe and the European Union, post-communism, and diasporas. 

My book manuscript Citizens of the Market: How High-Mobility Migration Transforms Politics and Societies in the European Union examines how free movement across national borders shapes lives and living-making strategies, values, political and economic preferences, voting, and the state-citizen relationship in the migrants' countries of origin.

In another book, Transnational Social Protections (forthcoming, Oxford University Press), together with Peggy Levitt, Erica Dobbs, and Ken Sun, I examine the transformation of social welfare in a world on the move, across the life cycle. We show how childcare, education, health, work, and retirement are being provided across borders around the world. 


Paul, Ruxandra. 2020. "Europe's Essential Workers: Migration and Pandemic Politics in Central and Eastern Europe During COVID-19." European Policy Analysis. 6(2): 238-263.

Paul, Ruxandra. 2017. “Welfare Without Borders: Unpacking the Bases of Transnational Social Protection for International Migrants.” Oxford Development Studies 45(1): 33-46.

Paul, Ruxandra. 2015. “Ending Ebola: A Moving Target.” PS: Political Science & Politics 48(1) (January), and “Introduction” (with Ken Sherrill); guest editor of the cover-featured symposium The Politics and Policy of Ebola.

Paul, Ruxandra. 2013. “Space, the final frontier of socialisation research: Geopolitical contexts, migrant resocialisation and political remittances.” In Abendschön, Simone (ed.), Growing into Politics: Contexts and Timing of Political Socialisation, Colchester, UK: ECPR Press; pp. 183-215.

Working Papers

"A Matter of Life and Death: Necropatriotism and the Politics of Diaspora Engagement During COVID-19" (with Osman Balkan, Swarthmore College)

“Citizens of the Market: The Socio-Political Effects of High-Mobility Migration in Migrant-Sending Countries”

"The Stateness Problem in Transatlantic Perspective: Responses to Migration Crises in Europe and America"


Teaching Interests

The European Union, European versus American democracy, international migration, cyberpolitics, acceptable versus unacceptable prejudice: age, aging, ageism. 

Awards and Affiliations

Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University - local affiliate and visiting scholar (2019-2020)

Harvard Academy Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies

Chateaubriand Fellowship of the French Government for Humanities and Social Sciences

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs research grant, Harvard University

Krupp Foundation research grant, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University

James P. Baxter III Honor Scholarship, Williams College

Bronfman Family Scholarship

Ruchman Fellow, Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Williams College 


Profs Are People (Come Work Out With Me)

In addition to political science, I teach Barre and Barre Cardio classes at Amherst College (for students, faculty, and staff - check out the Wellness & Fitness program). I am a Certified Group Exercise Instructor (American Fitness and Aerobics Association), Zumba instructor, and Barre instructor. I also like long-distance running (slow long-distance running). 

Other interests: music (piano, guitar, vocal), dance, art, journalism, travels, hiking, film, theater, bird and animal watching