Advising & Pre-registration meeting schedule


First come, first served...
Please sign up for a meeting time slot by filling in the table below with your name.
(Note that this schedule is for the pre-registration period ONLY. Contact me directly to set up meetings at other times.)
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  2. Add your name to the appropriate open cell.  For those who would nefariously erase a name & replace with their own - ALL edits to this page are logged.
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  Thu 31-Oct  FRI 1-NOV Mon 4-NOV Tue 5-Nov Wed 6-Nov Thu 7-Nov Fri 8-Nov Mon 11-Nov TUE12-Nov WED13-Nov
10-10:30AM XXX      XXX   XXX     XXX  
10:30-11AM XXX     XXX   XXX     XXX  
11-11:30AM XXX     XXX   XXX     XXX  
11:30-12PM XXX                  
12-12:30PM   XXX     XXX   XXX     XXX
12:30-1PM   XXX     XXX   XXX     XXX
1-1:30PM   XXX         XXX      
1:30-2PM   XXX         XXX      
2-2:30PM     XXX         XXX    
2:30-3PM   XXX XXX         XXX    
3-3:30PM   XXX XXX         XXX    
3:30-4PM   XXX XXX         XXX    
4-4:30PM     XXX         XXX   XXX
4:30-5PM     XXX         XXX   XXX