Advising in Biology.  Current Biology majors (or those considering Biology as a major) should obtain a copy of the very handy Biology Major’s Checklist.  In addition, link directly to the Biology Department for information about the requirements for the Biology major, available courses in the department or information about the Senior Honors program.

Advising in Environmental Studies.  For students majoring in (or considering) Environmental Studies, link to the ENST major requirements page and information about the department or use the ENST checklist (file below) to record progress towards the major.

Current advisees. I encourage you to meet with me at any time during the semester to talk about your academic goals while at Amherst, potential majors & specific requirements, study abroad programs, or anything else on your mind. See also Amherst's Advising Resources for Students.

Prior to pre-registration meetings, you should start exploring courses using the on-line course scheduler, which allows you to search easily by semester, department, course times, etc.  Then, copy these courses into your Preferred Courses page in ACdata.  Use this link for more information and help about on-line registration.  Please don't hesitate to e-mail me to schedule an appointment or stop by during office hours.