The following procedures are pertinent to the recruitment, selection, and appointment of personnel at the College.  To assure familiarity with these guidelines, the Office of Human Resources will distribute them to Department Heads/Supervisors whenever they are responsible for filling vacancies.  The Department Head/Supervisor will ensure that all others participating in interviews and hiring decisions are aware of the College's fair employment practices and commitment to diversity. 


Authorization to fill a vacancy is established by senior staff and the PCRC (Personnel Changes Review Committee) where applicable.  If approved, the Department Head or Chair contacts the Office of Human Resources to move forward with the search.


If there are changes in the position (responsibilities, experience, title) or if there is approval for a newly created position, a revised Job Description must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources for review.

Utilize Textio as a resource to provide suggestions for more inclusive language that will appeal to a more diverse audience.


On-Campus Announcement

All vacancies are announced on campus in the Office of Human Resources Newsletter for a minimum of two weeks.  Employees are encouraged to apply for positions during this period. 

All vacancies are posted on the Human Resources website at: and on the Workday external career site at:

Media Advertising

Print and online advertising will be identified by the Department Head and/or Search Committee in consultation with the Office of Human Resources in an effort to create a reasonable and diverse applicant pool.

A timetable for media advertising will be discussed with the Department Head.  Such advertising will include local/regional newspapers/websites and appropriate regional publications and organizations to create a reasonable and diverse applicant pool from which to choose qualified applicants.


Our on-line applicant tracking system streamlines the search process by electronically collecting employment materials including employment applications, resumes, cover letters, and other related documents.

  • Distribute Applications Electronically:  allows hiring managers and search committees to review application materials online and enter statuses to streamline the search.
  • Automated Status Updates:  candidates will receive two e-mail confirmations from the system:  when their application is received and at the close of the search.
  • Search Reports:  allows the Office of Human Resources to track status of recruitment, review applicant information, and to ensure the applicant pool is sufficiently diverse.

The Department Head/Supervisor or Search Committee should refer to the enclosed Screening Checklist to assist in screening candidates' credentials in relationship to the job requirements and minimum qualifications. 


Search Committee (if applicable)

Upon approval to fill an administrative vacancy, the Department Head should formulate a committee, and design a format as to how the search is to be conducted.  The Chair of the Search Committee should be provided with a position description and minimum qualifications along with information on salary range and anticipated fill date.

When the Department Head or Chair of the Search Committee has reviewed and refined the position advertisement and finalized a schedule outlining media advertising, they should consult with the Office of Human Resources.  Human Resources will advise on how positions should be advertised to generate the broadest pool of qualified applicants.

The Department Head/Supervisor or Search Committee should contact the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for information about the diversity of their pool and options for increased outreach.

  • The Department Head/Supervisor or Search Committee, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, selects those candidates whom they would like to interview from the eligible internal candidates.  If an internal candidate is not selected, external candidates will be reviewed and the most qualified will be invited to interview.
  • We encourage departments to strongly consider internal applicants who offer the additional benefit of familiarity with the College.  It is our practice to extend an interview to all internal candidates who meet the stated minimum qualifications for the position
  • There is no requirement to interview internal candidates who do not meet the minimum qualifications for the position.  We also strongly encourage departments to interview applicants who would enrich the diversity of our community.

Prior to inviting candidates to visit the College, please review the Department Instructions for Payment of On-Campus Interview Expenses and the Candidate Instructions for Travel Reimbursement. Interviews should be scheduled at mutually convenient times arranged by the Department Head/Supervisor or Search Committee. 

The Office of Human Resources will assist in this process by interviewing the final candidates chosen by the department.  During the HR portion of the interview process, the Office of Human Resources will provide an overview of the College's benefits, culture, and answer any questions the candidate may have.

Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide

A Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide is enclosed which should be referred to before interviews are conducted.  Each person involved in the interview or selection process should be familiar with this guide as there are some inquiries, which are illegal and must be avoided.

Visa Status

It is the responsibility of the department to determine if the prospective employee is able to work legally in the United States.  See page 10 for acceptable questions regarding ability of an applicant to work in the United States. 


The selection of the final candidate is made by the Department Head/Supervisor or Search Committee in consultation with the Office of Human Resources.

Employment Status Verification

In order to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all new employees will be expected to provide certain documents establishing their identity and right to work in the United States.  Please refer to

I-9 Instructions.  This procedure is also required for casual or temporary employees. 

Reference Checks

Reference checks are conducted by the Department Head/Supervisor, Search Committee.  Only professional and business references are acceptable.  This would include the candidate's immediate supervisor, manager, owner of a business, etc.  Personal references such as a co-worker, colleague, or friend are not acceptable. 

A summary of references must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for review prior to an offer of employment.

Employment Offer

Before an offer of employment is extended to the finalist, the Office of Human Resources must be consulted about salary recommendations, benefits and appropriate start date.  An employment offer (usually verbal or via email) can then be made by the Department Head/Supervisor, Chair of the Search Committee, or the Office of Human Resources.  

Upon acceptance of an offer, the Department Head/Supervisor, Chair of the Search Committee will enter the finalized details (specifically the start date, rate of pay, and any additional one-time payments) in the Applicant Tracking System (Workday). The Office of Human Resources will prepare an appointment letter.

Pre-Employment Physical

Pre-employment physicals will be required for employees exposed to potential hazards such as extensive physical and/or lifting activities, workplace hazards, etc.  The pre-employment physical is arranged by the Office of Human Resources and the results are maintained in a confidential medical file.

CORI Check

Any new employee whose position will have unsupervised access to student dorms will be required to complete a CORI check in the recruitment process.  The Office of Human Resources will conduct this check and results are secured in a confidential/locked file in the Office of Human Resources.

Appointment of New Employee

The new appointee will be asked to visit the Office of Human Resources within the first few days of employment to complete necessary forms and to schedule an appointment to meet with the Benefits Specialist. 

At the same time, it is important for the immediate supervisor to brief the new employee on departmental procedures, operations, and provide a tour. Additional onboarding resources for managers can be found here.


Search Closing 

The Department Head/Supervisor or Chair of the Search Committee is responsible for adding the final status codes in applicant tracking for all applicants.  Once coded, the Office of Human Resources will then close the position and archive the materials.

Notification of Search Closure to Candidates

The Department Head/Supervisor or Chair of the Search Committee should notify interviewed candidates that the position has been filled.  As part of the applicant tracking process, candidates will be notified via e-mail that the position has been filled.