The supervisor/department chair works with the staff member to evaluate options to facilitate remote work, a modified work schedule, and/or a temporary job reassignment.

If a suitable option is identified, the staff member is provided with a temporary job reassignment.

 If a suitable option is not identified, the staff member emails to begin a review of options:

OHR works with the staff member to explore eligibility to use leaves, accrue a negative leave balance, or take an unpaid leave of absence.

For questions about the process and to assign requests to corresponding OHR Representatives:

Ed Maldonado, Lisa Haarlander

For questions about temporary changes in positions, redistribution of duties, or changes in schedules or shifts:

Amy Rondeau –

For questions about our leave provisions, leave accruals, negative balances, FMLA, job classification:

Chris Casey –

For questions about reasonable accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act:

Chris Casey –
Jodi Foley –

For questions about learning/development opportunities, cross-training, communication strategies, etc.:

Fredricka Joyner -
Ana Devlin Gauthier -