What We Do

The Amherst College community is built on a legacy of learning and growth which is lifted by the efforts of our faculty and staff. The Learning & Development team seeks to support the growth of the Amherst College staff and faculty along the dimensions of an aspirational culture as defined in the 2020 Staff Survey through individual growth, team development, and supervisory skill building.

How We Do It

Drawing from the results of the 2020 Staff Survey as well as internal assessments, the Learning & Development team creates offerings which center individual growth, team development, and supervisory skill building. These three areas each have learning themes within them, and all feed the positive development of our culture. 

An outline describing the Learning & Development themes  

Learning & Development offerings promote growth along the dimensions of an aspirational culture through a variety of methodologies. We also recognize that the needs of the College shift with changing times, and will be introducing a special focus theme, where we will take a deep dive into a particular topic that is top of mind in our community. This theme will be announced later this year.  

How to Use This Page

Each theme has offerings which can be found by clicking the symbol in the lower right corner of each section.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a calendar layout with the Learning & Development offerings. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link for each offering.

LinkedIn Learning

Along with the live offerings, we encourage you to use LinkedIn Learning to further your growth and development at your own pace. This repository of virtual opportunities will allow for self-directed learning on a variety of topics, as well as recommended courses from the Learning & Development Team. Learn more on our LinkedIn Learning page.

Meet the Learning & Development Team

Fredricka F. Joyner

Fredricka F. Joyner

Culture Development Consultant

Responsible for assessing organizational needs and planning relevant interventions including key culture change initiatives. Responsible for development and implementation of the learning and development system.

Ana Devlin Gauthier

Ana Devlin Gauthier

Learning and Development Facilitator

Proactively creates and implements staff and leadership development programs that support organizational objectives, foster highly effective leader behaviors and help employees achieve their career development goals.
Kate E. Wesolowski

Kate E. Wesolowski

Human Resources Engagement & Communication Coordinator

Plans and implements events and activities to strengthen employee relations and support the College’s efforts to build community.

OHR Learning & Development Events