1. How can I speak with a staff member about my financial aid?
    The staff of the financial aid office remain accessible through email and phone (413-542-2296), as well as in-person. We look forward to receiving your questions and speaking with you.
  2. How do I view my financial aid information?
    Your secure Financial Aid Portal can be quickly accessed at www.amherst.edu/go/faportal, using your Amherst username and password. You can review the status of your financial aid application (“Documents & Messages” link) and award ( “Awards” link). If you have any problems accessing your Financial Aid Portal or have questions, please email us at finaid@amherst.edu.
  3. What should I do if I have not yet received my financial aid?
    Students should be in touch with us immediately to clarify and complete their financial aid application. We will send an email to the student as soon as the details are available to be viewed on the Financial Aid Portal.
  4. How does student employment work at Amherst?
    Student employment at Amherst College is open to all students, regardless of financial aid eligibility. Approximately two-thirds of all students work on campus at some time during the academic year. Students are responsible for finding their own jobs by viewing postings online (after you have matriculated at Amherst). Students must be prepared to present original documentation of citizenship and identity in person at the Office of Financial Aid for employment to be authorized. Students should bring necessary documents to campus.
  5. What options exist to request reconsideration of the financial aid offered?
    You may ask us to review your financial aid award and the way we calculated your family contribution.  Appeals must be submitted in writing and include information not included in your initial aid application. The letter (or financial aid appeal form) should address changes in circumstances, unusual expenses, special situations, or additional information not already presented in the financial aid application. The Financial Aid Appeal form is available in the “Forms and Helpful Links” section of the Office of Financial Aid website.
  6. What options exist to request reconsideration for financial changes occurring in 2022?
    If your family’s financial situation has been impacted by Covid-19, you can request a review in January 2023 to provide a more complete picture of your 2022 finances. Your award is currently based on family income for 2020.