The dashboard below reflects both self-reported positive results from antigen testing as well as PCR tests from the Color platform of Amherst College faculty, staff, and students (it is adjusted to avoid duplicate reporting). The data are updated every business day. 

See also our data archive for August 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022. We also provide a text-based accessible dashboard.

Campus Operating Level:  As of 9/12/22, the College is operating at Level 1

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Data Glossary

Active Cases: The total number of people in the on-campus College community with active COVID-19 infection. This includes those people living or working on campus who have received and reported positive test results from elsewhere, including at-home antigen tests.

Positive Tests: Total number of positive PCR tests collected at the College's Testing Center since January 1, 2023 or self-reported.

Note: The relatively small number of visitor/contractor test results are included with "Staff" for the sake of simplicity.

Test Turnaround Time: The average time between when each PCR test is collected and the time that a result is determined for that test (over the past 7 days).

Antigen Testing: Individuals may receive an antigen test through the Testing Center or self administer an at-home test. Everyone is expected to report to the College when they receive a positive test result. When an antigen test is taken with a PCR test, we do not count the result twice.