Interested in Reserving the Powerhouse?

All Amherst College students, faculty and staff may browse availability and submit a reservation request for the Powerhouse via Virtual EMS. It is available for club meetings, yoga practice, concerts, cultural events, academic functions, and much more!

Want to bring a party or other nighttime weekend event to the Powerhouse?

Whether it’s a dance performance, DJ, live music, student group, or professional performance, we’re open to any event ideas you have to offer! 

Policy on reserving the space on weekends:

Any group or individual interested in reserving the Powerhouse for two or more nights in a given weekend during the hours of 6PM-2AM Thursday through Saturday may only make one such reservation per semester.

Please contact Monica Soto, Busines Manager for Student Activities.

Studying in the Powerhouse:

The Powerhouse is open 24/7 for student access during Reading Period and Final Exam Period. Equipped with comfortable lounge furniture and numerous tables to work on, the Powerhouse serves as a great spot to work or study.

Reservation Policy for non-Amherst College students, staff, and faculty: 

The Powerhouse can only bereserved during the academic year by Amherst students, faculty, and staff for college related events and business. Reservations that do not fit this critieria will only be considered for event dates between June 1 through mid-August. To schedule an event during this time period, please reach out to Christina LaDue, Associate Director of Conferences and Speical Events at