What Equipment is Provided By the Powerhouse?

The Powerhouse is equipped with roughly 100 folding chairs, eight six-foot tables, eight six-foot round tables and 4 stage risers. Facility set-up reqeusts for confirmed reservations must coordinated through the Office of Special Services.

What AudioVisual Services are Provided? 

The Powerhouse has a built-in projector and screen, two wireless microphones, a state-of-the-art sound system and pre-set lighting options to meet the needs of alomst every event. Events held in the Powerhouse are assigned a Student Event Manager who can help you with your audio/visual needs.

When do I Need to Hire Security?

You need to hire security if there is alcohol, diminished lighting, or amplified sound at your event. Hiring a police officer for 4 hours, at a rate of $37 an hour meets minimum requirements. This means that security should be hired for at least 4 hours, even if your event runs for less time.

Please be sure to communicate with the Office of Student Activities whether you intend for your event to be open to the Five Colleges or if the event is only open to the Amherst College community. This distinction is important when establishing what security measure is necessary for your event. Events open to the Five Colleges cannot have an alcohol presence.

What are the Maximum Occupancy Requirements? 

Event Area

No Chairs or Tables 376
Chairs/Seating Only 268
Chairs and Tables or Similar 125

East Mezzanine

No Chairs or Tables 38
Chairs/Seating Only 38
Chairs and Tables or Similar 38

West Entry Balcony

No Chairs or Tables 36
Chairs/Seating Only 25
Chairs and Tables or Similar 15


Can I Reserve the Powerhouse if I'm not an Amherst Student, Faculty or Staff Member?

The Powerhouse can be reserved by members outside of the Amherst College community from June 1 through mid-August.