COVID Frequently Asked Questions

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Off-Campus Trips

The Office of Student Activities is able to help facilitate off-campus trips this Fall 2021 semester for student groups that align with the following guidelines:

  • All trips must be registered via a group's Hub page and followed by a pre-departure meeting with the Director of Student Activities
  • Students organizing trips should plan to present a trip roster, itinerary, two emergency contacts, and contact information for all relevant aspects of the trip (e.g. hotel, conference chair, etc.) during the pre-departure meeting
  • Outdoor and single-day trips are preferable
  • Transportation will need to be coordinated through the Office of Student Activities - outreach to initiate a trip must be done at least two weeks in advance to give the best chance of securing appropriate transportation
  • In some cases, individual event online waivers will need to be virtually signed in advance if deemed necessary by Five College Risk Management
  • While on the trip, students are still expected to wear masks, physically distance, and generally maintain strong Covid mitigation behaviors
  • If you are interested in proposing/planning a trip, please email to set up an initial quick (<:30) Zoom meeting, and be sure to register your trip via The Hub prior to the meeting.

Outdoor Tents

Tent Reservations Available: Students and student organizations who would like to plan events/programs can reserve tents through EMS. Please register your event via The Hub.


Will catering be available for students on campus?

Catering will be possible at registered events with approval from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety via the Office of Student Activities

Will students be able to order off-campus catering from local restaurants?

Traditional catering (buffet or family-style) requires permitting through the Town of Amherst Board of Health. Register your event via your Hub Page and Office of Student Activities staff will verify.

Take-out is permitted. Arrangements for large take-out must be done by first registering your event on the Hub and then coordinating with the Office of Student Activities ( 

Event Spaces

Which spaces can we reserve for events?

*Please note that occupancy limits are per College safety protocol - all non-academic use indoor spaces must be maintained at 50% capacity. Students are required to wear masks in all indoor settings including events.

  • Powerhouse (occupancy limit: 62)

  • O’Connor Commons (occupancy limit: 75)

  • Ford Hall Event Space (occupancy limit: 33)

  • Keefe Theater (occupancy limit: 44)

  • Nicholls Biondi Fitness Studio (occupancy limit: 10)

  • McCaffrey (occupancy limit: 22)


    Can I host an event that includes students from the Five Colleges?
    • Events that are registered through the Office of Student Activities can include student attendees from Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Hampshire College as long as student IDs are being checked at the door. Unfortunately, we are unable to host students that are not in a regular testing protocol.

    Will I be able to participate in community service or volunteer work?
    • Community work is possible - we, unfortunately, cannot allow members of the local community to enter into any campus building. Community members can visit campus in outdoor settings.

    Will I be able to practice and perform with my singing/a cappella group?
    • Singing is possible in outdoor settings when appropriately spaced (6'). If singing indoors, students must be masked and maintain a distance > 6' between singers. Please be sure to register your event via your group's Hub page.
    What will happen with student-led clubs and their activities?
    • While there may be limitations as to what is possible for some in-person engagement, we will still provide spaces and opportunities for those students who are on campus to connect where 50% of the listed capacity can be maintained. 
    How will access to campus facilities be different? 
    • Students will be required to swipe into all student activities venues (indicated above). Visitors and guests outside of the College's testing protocol may only attend outdoor events while maintaining distance.
    How might a potential increase in cases on campus affect student events?
    • Based on local and state guidance and Amherst levels of campus operating status, the college may limit in-person engagements should cases increase.

    Personal Travel Away from Campus

    • Currently, students are asked to limit their travel to within Hampshire County for personal activities. If an exemption is necessary, please submit your travel request here.


    The AAS Budgetary Committee is back and running regular Discretionary meetings every Monday at 7:45p in Cole Assembly Room. Click here for more information about funding and to submit a discretionary request.