Important Information/Updates

NOTE: Co-sponsorships for SP23 will only be accepted through April 17,2023

  • Student Activities co-sponsorships are reviewed every Friday
  • Groups will then receive approval by the following Tuesday by 5pm
  • Submissions should be made 2 weeks prior to your event
  • Events are not guaranteed for funding if the are not submitted at least one week prior to most events
  • If your event requires a contract (i.e. for a speaker, artist, etc.) it must be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to your event 
  • Student Activities Co-Sponsorships only fund inclusive, event-related expenses that are advertised to the entire Amherst community
Please note that Student Activities does NOT fund events that fit the following criteria:
  • Events during Reading Period and Finals
  • Student Travel (does not include hotels and cab fare)
  • Money that is utilized to generate revenue including donations or suggested donations
  • Student-run businesses 
  • Applications for funding of past events