The logo for AmexGo AmexGo is a virtual credit card that can be facilitated through the Office of Student Activities as an alternative to reimbursement. Charges that can be applied can be from larger allocations through the AAS Budgetary Committee or the Office of Student Activities for approved co-sponsorships. The virtual credit card can be used in much the same way as a personal credit card but is time bound and amount limited that aligns with event details and total allocations for an event. The card is best suited to be utilized for group travel or larger event purchases across multiple off-campus vendors or a single large purchase that cannot otherwise be facilitated through the Office of Student Activities Business Manager.

Cards are attached to a single group member’s email address and phone number and should only be used by that designated individual. An AmexGo card will not be initiated for anything that does not currently have an allocation established (AAS/Student Activities co-sponsorship).

While most items germane to an event can be covered through an AmexGo card, there are some basic exceptions and expectations for appropriate use bulleted below. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in suspension of future use of the resource and depending upon the severity of misuse, may result in a report to the Office of Community Standards.

Submitting Receipts

All receipts must be submitted and reconciled within 48 hours after the approved event by emailing pictures or PDF’s to Failure to do so will result in suspension of use for future events.

  • Cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol or drugs (including prescriptions)
  • Cannot be used to purchase items explicitly prohibited in the Student Code of Conduct
  • Cannot be tied to a payment app such as Venmo or Cash App for personal payments to other members of a group
  • Cannot be used to purchase an item that is then in turn sold back to Amherst students or otherwise used for personal profit