The AAS Senate is a 33-member elected body comprised of 8 Senators from each class at Amherst each serving one-year terms.  The Senate is charged with distributing the student activities fee to student organizations for campus-wide events.  In addition, Senators actively work to improve student life. Members of the Senate sit on many faculty and trustee committees and represent the student body's voice to the administration.  The Senate holds weekly meetings every Monday night at 8:30 in the Cole Assembly Room. Anyone is welcome to attend!

For questions, comments, or suggestions please feel more than welcome to email one of your class Senators, email, come to the weekly Senate meeting, or leave a suggestion here.

Current Senate

2023 Senators

Alana Bailey  
Fareeda Adejumo  
Gillian Quinto  
Kate Redmond  
Lani Uyeno  
Mollie Hartenstein  
Yvette Kiptoo  

2024 Senators

Clara Hoey  
Leandra Depina  
Lily Popoli  
Lori Alarcon  
Sophie Laurence  
Taha Ahmad  
Eugena Chang  
Stephanie Choi  

2025 Senators

Chris Tun  
Gent Malushaga  
Hannah Kim  
Henry Pallesen  
Isabella Malmqvist  
Isaiah Doble  
Rachel Skoler  
Zane Khiry  

2026 Senators

Ayres Warren  
Chloe Yim  
Hedley Lawrence-Apfelbaum  
Igaju Agba  
Jaimie Han  
Phuong Doan  
Shane Dillon  
Claire Beougher