While the AAS will not give cash or a check to a student beforehand to make a purchase (since we operate mainly through reimbursements and payment of invoices), we do have a debit card to make online purchases on behalf of the students.

We will not give out the AAS debit card to an individual student to make a purchase off campus. Please fill out the following form to schedule an appointment with the Debit Request Clerk to use the debit card in the Treasurer's Office.

Proposed date of appointment to use debit card: *
This date must be at least one week away from today. Meeting on this date is subject to the availability of the Debit Request Clerk.
Proposed time of appointment: *
Below, you will itemize each item/line item of your purchase, while here you must specify the total cost of your purchases.
Item #1 to be purchased
Location in budget: *
If this funding is in the Discretionary Fund, then please include the week number of this allocation. All budgets can be found online.

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