A young woman working at a computer We live in a world awash with data. The rise of connected devices, sophisticated sensor networks, social media, and interconnected databases has led to an unprecedented flood of information. Making sense of the data that surround us is inherently a liberal art.

Large and complex datasets can be used to address societal challenges (e.g., climate change, energy and transportation, health, inclusion and systematic racism and inequality). Potential downsides exist as well in terms of loss of privacy, algorithmic bias, and broader ethical concerns.

To best meet these challenges, we need an integrated humanistic and scientific approach to understanding our data-infused world. Data science-related majors at Amherst include computer science and statistics, though many other majors facilitate the application of data science, including (but not limited to) anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, English, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Making sense of the data that surround us is inherently a liberal art.
—Nicholas Horton

Our Courses

Three photos of a computer classroom, a woman looking through a telescope and a computer science classroom Courses at all levels in data science, broadly defined, are available across the curriculum, including the following disciplines and courses. Introductory level courses below may satisfy prerequisite requirements for some of these courses, and provide some glimpses into data science.

Be sure you check prerequisites for courses you are interested in, as some may have higher-level requirements!



Political Science

Computer Science


Introductory Courses

Data Science In the News

A professor sitting down looking at a student drawing a diagram on a whiteboard

Computer Science For… Science

September 8, 2020

Read about how Assistant Professor of Computer Science Matteo Riondato uses data science to figure out how to extract the most accurate information from enormous data sets.

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Students interested in data science are advised to consult with the following faculty:

A photo of Scott Alfeld

Scott Alfeld

Computer Science
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Brittney Bailey

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Katharine Correia

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Kevin Donges

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A photo of Nicholas Horton

Nicholas Horton

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Tanya Leise

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Shu-Min Liao

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A photo of Matteo Riondato

Matteo Riondato

Computer Science
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Lee Spector

Computer Science
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Amy Wagaman

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Karamatou Yacoubou Djima

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Kate Follette

Physics & Astronomy
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Nick Holschuh

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A photo of Josef Trapani

Josef Trapani

Biology and Neuroscience
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Eleonora Mattiacci

Political Science
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Kerry Ratigan

Political Science
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Matthew Schulkind

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