Working Individually with a Member of the Amherst Faculty

Individualized attention and faculty mentoring are hallmarks of the Schupf Program. Schupf Scholars are free to work with the mentor who is assigned to them at the time of nomination, or they may choose to switch mentors at any time during their years at Amherst.

Examples of recent collaborations include:

  • A student-scientist who worked in the lab with her two faculty mentors, who are physical chemists, on a research study funded by the National Science Foundation in which Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy was used to gain a better understanding of the structures of molecules and their interactions
  • An aspiring mathematician who spent January on campus studying coupled nonlinear oscillator theory to develop a model for the circadian clock in the mammalian hypothalamus, with her faculty mentor, an applied mathematician
  • A student-writer who met weekly with his faculty mentor, a professor of English and published poet, to discuss the student’s creative work and to conceive and plan a Schupf-supported trip to Vietnam that would serve as inspiration for his writing projects