Passionate About the Amherst Experience 

When Axel Schupf refers to a particularly witty comment made by his favorite English professor or describes the guidance he received over weekly dinners with his senior thesis advisor, years seem to melt away. Though five decades have passed since Schupf was an Amherst student, his experiences at the college remain vivid and relevant for him. From extraordinary teachers, he absorbed lessons in logical thinking, meeting challenges, and disciplining the mind. By the time he graduated, he had developed interests ranging from English history and economics to classical music. “I would not have become who I am without Amherst,” Schupf says simply. A graduate of the Harvard Business School, a Life Trustee of the college, and the father of two Amherst graduates, Axel Schupf has had a successful career on Wall Street and is one of the most generous benefactors in the history of the college. In the finest Amherst tradition, he endowed the Schupf Scholars Program to provide superb students with unique experiences that will form the foundation on which they will build extraordinary lives.