The Online Registration System

Support for Online Registration is built into the Student menu in ACDATA, where the Registration link brings up the Registration menu page. On the page you'll find the following items:

  • Step #1. Course Scheduler:  Brings you to the Online Course Scheduler, the easiest way to search the course catalog and build a non-conflicting schedule of classes.
  • Step #2. Preferred Courses: Links to your Preferred Courses page in ACDATA, where you can import your course list from the Course Scheduler or build it directly. Before you can pre-register or add a course during Add/Drop, the course must be in your Preferred Courses list. Also, during Add/Drop you receive access to the Moodle sites of the courses in your Preferred Courses list.
  • Step #3. Instructor Permissions: If a course in your Preferred Courses list requires instructor permission, this link brings you to the page where you can confirm the instructor's consent after you've contacted the instructor directly.
  • Step#4. Notifications and Communications: The College requires that you check, and if necessary, update your Family Communications preferences and your contact information before you can register.
  • Step #5. Registration Requirements: This page displays information about your advisor(s) approvals; lets you know when you can register; and lists any registration holds that could keep you from registering. 
  • Step #6. Meet with your advisor: This isn't a link, but simply a reminder that once you've built your Preferred Courses list and obtained any outstanding instructor permissions, you need to meet with your advisor(s) and obtain approval before you can register.
  • Step #7. Register: Links to the Pre-Registration and Add/Drop page in ACDATA, where you submit your courses one-at-a-time for registration.

View slideshow of online registration process.