1. Mentoring in Departments 

unchecked boxShare departmental mentoring plan with new colleagues.

unchecked boxDiscuss department’s expectations in regard to research, teaching, and service at Amherst, and the expectations of the field.

unchecked boxDetermine which department member(s) will be designated mentors.

unchecked boxRemind senior colleagues about scheduling class visits.  Some departments do not have class visits until the second semester.

unchecked boxRemind senior colleagues that it is helpful if new colleagues are invited to attend their classes.

unchecked box Ensure that new colleagues know when department members will visit classes and that colleagues meet before and after each classroom observation to discuss the visit.

unchecked boxExplain the role of the annual conversation in discussing progress toward tenure.

unchecked boxDiscuss the role of co-teaching, if possible, as a form of mentoring.

unchecked boxExplain the department’s role in the reappointment and tenure processes.

 2. Discuss Resources Offered by the College
     Note the following opportunities that are available to colleagues:

unchecked boxOrientation events for new faculty;

unchecked boxTeaching and professional development workshops;

unchecked boxTeaching consultations through the Center for Teaching and Learning;

unchecked box Instructional support available through the instructional librarians, the Writing Center, the Moss Quantitative Center, and the Center for Community Engagement;

unchecked boxServices offered by the Grants Office;

unchecked boxFunding for speakers;

unchecked boxFunding to help faculty get to know their students

unchecked boxFive College seminars;

unchecked boxAcademic interns; and

unchecked boxBook workshops (after first year at the college).

unchecked boxExplain processes around reimbursement for travel/start-up funds.

unchecked boxExplain how to order materials for the library.

unchecked boxExplain how to get equipment and support from information technology staff.

 3. Mentoring Beyond the Department

unchecked boxExplain the role of the college’s faculty diversity and inclusion officers.

unchecked boxExplain the college’s External Mentor Program (available after the first year at Amherst).

unchecked boxMake sure that the colleague is receiving emails from the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity; (NCFDD).

unchecked box Make sure that new colleagues know about the “boot camps” offered through the NCFDD.

unchecked boxIntroduce colleagues to the NCFDD Mentoring Map.

unchecked boxExplain the importance of thinking about development in the profession.

 Mutual Mentoring

unchecked boxRemind colleagues about Mutual Mentoring options.