Image of Ha!
Ha! created by and starring Matthew Holliday '19, April 2019 in Holden Theater

The Theater and Dance major provides a college-level interdisciplinary foundation in the arts of performance, while allowing for flexible and progressive study thereafter. New students should take one or more 100-level courses in their first year, and strongly consider participating in a departmental production.  No prior experience is needed to major in Theater and Dance. 
The Theater and Dance major requires successful completion of a minimum of nine and one-half courses as outlined below. Every major completes a senior project, which focuses on a specific area, such as choreography, playwriting, directing, design, dance, acting, or scholarly research, or that integrates two or more of these.

For a handy checklist of requirements and guidelines, see the Major Course Checklist.

If you are considering majoring in Theater and Dance, you should email the Academic Department Coordinator Ryan O'Donnell, and set up a meeting with a faculty member to discuss your interests and options. Major requirements are sequenced, so speaking with us is important, especially if you plan on going abroad, or are considering completing a second major. We are happy to meet with you!