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October 4, 2022 - 4:00 pm

The investigation of organic materials for practical information storage applications has
long been precluded by the lack of organic ferroelectric systems that operate at or near
room temperature. Ferroelectricity in organic crystals generally arises from collective
rotation and/or displacement of molecules in the solid-state in response to an applied
electric field. The result of the solid-state rotation/displacement is a shift in charge
distribution within the unit cell that can be exploited for information storage. However,
such mechanisms are extremely sensitive to the details of crystal packing, which cannot
yet be reliably predicted in silico. This presentation will discuss fundamental mechanistic
investigations of a new class of organic ferroelectrics that takes advantage of
conformational inversion of bowl-shaped heteroatom-centered triangulene compounds
for ferroelectric switching. We predict that ferroelectric switching in the solid state will be
strongly correlated with the energetics of molecular conformational inversion rather than
unpredictable subtleties of crystal packing, allowing tunability of ferroelectric
performance through molecular design principles.

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