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An idea pressed into action in the early 2000s and still appropriate today. We are the students and professors who work together to create, share, and explore all aspects of this great musical genre. We enjoy the challenges of performance in the Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combos as well as the chance to study jazz in private lessons as well as in the classrooms and as independent study opportunities. We enjoy each other socially and rely on each other to support our creative efforts. Check us out!

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Music Events at Amherst College

See the music calendar and join the Amherst College Concert Office email list to get the latest news. Or catch some jazz at Schwemm’s coffee house on campus. See performances and find opportunities to participate.

a pair of hands playing the piano Jazz Studies & Private Lessons

The Amherst College Music Department provides many different outlets to explore jazz in an academic setting. Each semester, the Music Department offers at least one jazz theory course as well as other less theoretical jazz and pop courses.

The Music Department also allows for students to collaborate with jazz professors and create their own “special topics” course. These courses usually contain no more than three students and have dealt with a slew of jazz topics within the last few years.

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A group of jazz musicians playing instruments Prospective Student-Musicians

Each fall and spring, students interested in our Performance Program are invited to audition with Bruce Diehl. This painless process will allow us to chat, determine what your jazz goals are for the semester/year, and place you in the best performance environment.

To answer a frequently asked question — yes, it is possible (and encouraged!) to perform in the Amherst College Jazz Ensemble and a Jazz Combo at the same time.

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Learn About (and Perform with) Us!

January 19, 2022

Hear “Embi Ba” by the Jazz Ensemble, as well as other pieces, in our introduction to jazz performance possibilities at Amherst College.

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