The interdisciplinary field of Education Studies examines the history, purpose, politics, and consequences of education. Students who major in Education Studies will draw on a range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches to think through crucial questions for democracy: education’s role in the production of citizens and nations; education’s role as a tool of cultural reproduction and transformation; the sources and mechanisms of social inequalities; how teaching and learning happen; and how and why schools and school systems look the ways they do.

The Latest from Education Studies

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Pawan Dhingra Podcast & Opinion Piece

Listen to Professor Pawan Dhingra’s podcast episode “After-School Academics in an Era of Remote Learning” and the Academic Minute, and read his CNN opinion piece “The Most Effective Way to Fight Back Against Anti-Asian Hate.”

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Education Studies Open House

This Amherst Student article covers the formation of  the Education Studies major. As Professor Kristen Luschen says: “Students will be able to officially declare an education studies major in the Fall 2021 semester.”

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