Spring 2021

Seminar in Cell and Organism Formation in the Light of Evolution

Listed in: Biology, as BIOL-460


Katerina Ragkousi (Section 01)


This course will investigate how evolution has shaped the specialization of cells and the development of organisms we encounter today. We read and interpret primary research with the goal to identify the conserved and diverse underlying principles of organization inside various cell types and among cells during tissue formation and organism development. We will focus on the concept of the "cell type," and its establishment and plasticity during development and evolution. We will also discuss current research on cell and tissue biogenesis in the lab, including its limitations and potential for therapy. Students will use oral and written formats to present and discuss papers. Three classroom hours per week.
This course will be conducted in-person. Online components are available, as needed, supported by appropriate technology.  Options for online-only participation will be available for those students unable to participate in person.

Limited to 18 students. Spring semester. Assistant Professor Ragkousi. 

If Overenrolled: Biology Majors and by Seniority


Attention to Research, Attention to Speaking, Attention to Writing


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2021