Fall 2020

The Long Civil Rights Movement

Listed in: Black Studies, as BLST-331  |  History, as HIST-455

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Alec F. Hickmott (Section 01)


(Offered as HIST 455 [US] and BLST 331 [US]) This course will explore the temporal, ideological and cultural dimensions of the American Civil Rights Movement. Following 1954’s Brown vs Board of Education decision, a diverse social movement of students, preachers, working people, activists and intellectuals challenged—and eventually dismantled—Jim Crow segregation in the American South. How did this happen? To answer this question, we will examine the origins of the movement, its institutional dimensions, its key figures, and its intellectual underpinnings. In addition, this course will trace the afterlife of the movement, assessing its national and global reverberations, as well as its relationship to the Black Power movement. As a research seminar, this course will culminate in the production of a 25-page research paper based on an analysis of primary sources related to the movement. This course will involve work in a range of online archival sources, making it accessible to those students learning remotely. One class meeting per week.

Not open to first-year students. Fall Semester. Visiting Assistant Professor Hickmott.


Attention to Issues of Class, Attention to Issues of Gender and Sexuality, Attention to Issues of Race, Attention to Issues of Social Justice, Attention to Research


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2016, Fall 2020, Spring 2022