Fall 2020

Learning by Doing: Internship and Fieldwork Reflection

Listed in: , as COLQ-390H

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Matteo Riondato (Section 02)


Learning by doing represents a valuable educational experience for all students. This course provides an opportunity to reflect on an internship or other fieldwork experience and to integrate that experience with key learning outcomes expected in a student’s major. Through class meetings and short essays, students will document the work undertaken during the internship, how it relates to prior coursework, and its relationship to possible career paths; reflect on the positive and less good aspects of the internship experience; identify new skills and the personal growth that developed during the internship; and detail the workflow and process of one or more specific tasks or projects undertaken during the internship. The internship or other fieldwork experience must be done over the summer, with course enrollment and coursework completed the following fall. The Colloquium does not count toward major or college degree requirements. This course may be taken no more than twice during a student’s time at Amherst and cannot be taken until a student has declared a major. 

Offered as a half course. Four class meetings per semester. Admisssion with consent of the instructor. Not open to first-year students. Fall Semester. Professor Riondato. 


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2020, Fall 2021