Fall 2018

Morality and the Emotions

Listed in: Philosophy, as PHIL-479


Mara L. Bollard (Section 01)


It is widely agreed that the emotions are central to morality. But there is much less agreement about how the relationship between the emotions and morality should be understood. In this seminar, we will investigate the nature of emotion and its role(s) in morality. Some of the topics we will address include: What are emotions? Are they feelings, judgments, perceptions of value, or something else? How do emotions shape our moral talk, thought, and behavior? Are emotions rational or irrational? What does it mean to call a particular emotion "moral" (or immoral), and which emotions count as the distinctively moral (or immoral) ones? Along the way, we'll draw from work in ethical theory and the philosophy of emotion as well as contemporary research in psychology and cognitive science. 

Requisite: Two courses in PHIL or consent of the instructor. Limited to 15 students. Fall semester. Visiting Assistant Professor Bollard.

If Overenrolled: Priority will be given to majors, seniors, then juniors, etc.


Attention to Writing


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2018