Spring 2014

Cinema Experiments

Listed in: Art and the History of Art, as ARHA-411  |  Film and Media Studies, as FAMS-445


Adam R. Levine (Section 01)


This advanced production course explores the outer limits of cinematic form and  expression. We will consider the material possibilities and limitations of both digital and analog imagery, shooting on High Definition video, Super 8, and making cameraless films by scratching, painting and drawing directly onto celluloid. In addition, we will discuss other non-narrative strategies including radical structures, text/image combinations, performance, and experiments with sound, music or silence. While remaining aware of camera and editing choices, we will invite chance into our process  and risk failure, as every experiment inevitably must.

Through group shoots, screenings and assigned readings, we will explore the work of artist-filmmakers and conclude with a discussion of exhibition and distribution strategies for artists’ film and video. Students will each complete two individual projects (one midterm and one final) that they will present and discuss in class.

Limited to 12 students.  Spring semester.  Visiting Professor Levine.

If Overenrolled: Priority given to ARHA/FAMS majors


Artistic Practice


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2014, Spring 2015