The Experience of THDA 29

This is a course in how plays "work" in the theater, based on their unique forms.  After exploring how language creates action, character, and plot, we will also consider how narrative elements are related to larger theatrical models, and how those models contribute to audience experiences.  You will gain insight into the dynamics of audience perceptions as they unfold in time and space, and how different playwrights influence those perceptions using formal elements.  In terms of dramatic form, our process together will focus on understanding how analytically parsed elements relate to the whole.  Anyone who likes reading or watching plays, watching movies, or who is interested in dramatic writing and theater-making may find this course valuable.  If you enroll in this course, you should be prepared to (a) read all of the required plays and (b) to participate in short-form, collaborative theatrical projects that will deepen your apprehension of the experience of different kinds of plays in performance.  There is no prerequisite or prior theater experience needed.  First-year students are welcome.

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