Hmk 6 Solutions

Submitted by Amy S. Wagaman on Monday, 11/1/2010, at 1:10 PM
The minor errors on my solution are: 68b. It should be 4x^2 e^(-2x) instead of 16. 78a. The probability is .8849 instead of .8549. 82b. The z-score should be -4/3, so the probability is 1-.0918=.9082.

Hmk 6 - Due October 27

Submitted by Amy S. Wagaman on Friday, 10/22/2010, at 11:31 AM
Not due for a while, last collected homework before second midterm. Advise starting to work on it as we cover the various sections. Edited: 10/22 to remove the last problem because we had already proven this in class.

Hmk 3 Solutions

Submitted by Amy S. Wagaman on Wednesday, 9/29/2010, at 3:17 PM
For 60, I also miscopied from my original solution the 3 choose 3, .05^3 .95 should be .95^0 (i.e. only three successes, no failures). The numerical answer is correct, I just left off the exponent. For 66b, on the solution I wrote .6^3 when it should be .6^4 in the pieces that are subtracted from 1. The final value there is hence off as well.