Spring 2010

Directing Comedy

Listed in: Theater and Dance, as THDA-48


Michael Birtwistle (Section 01)


One of two studio courses in the theory and process of realizing a previously written play on the stage. This course will experiment with methods of staging farce and comedy through dramaturgical analysis and workshop staging of texts chosen from such playwrights as Moliere, Carlo Goldoni, Richard Brinsley Sherridan, Georges Feydeau, Tom Stoppard, and Christopher Durang. Class sessions will focus on staging scenes, working with actors to discover the comic material inherent in written texts and clarifying the playwright’s intent.

Requisite: Two of the following three courses--Theater and Dance 11, 12 or 13. Spring semester.  Professor Emeritus Birtwistle.


Artistic Practice


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2010