List of admitted students

Submitted by Andrew C. Dole on Thursday, 1/28/2010, at 12:30 PM

The following students are admitted to RELI 51/PHIL 29, The Problem of Evil, as of Jan. 28 2010.  As discussed in class, if you are admitted to the class but decide not to take it, please let me know as soon as possible for the benefit of those on the waiting list.

Banta    Cornelius
Borsellino    Romen

Bradbury    Mason

Cedeño  Marlene

Cetkovski    James

Cook-Kollars    Jennie
Dwyer    Brian
Gilbertson    Jordan
Hoefgen-Harvey    Nathan
King    Dashiell
Lee    Ungjoon
McKenna    Shannon

Morgan    Richard
Muskat    Harrison

Osur  Robert

Ponnish    Jerusha
Porras    Christopher
Rosenbaum    Matt
Schulwolf    Erik

Serpa    Felipe
Smith    Olivia
Spaulding    Richelle
Wack    Claudia
Worrell    Jacob