SigmaPlot and the License Server

Submitted by David S. Hall on Wednesday, 2/3/2010, at 10:57 AM
According to Andy Anderson of IT, here is what to do if your copy of SigmaPlot doesn't recognize the College's server:
In your Windows environment variables there is probably one named LSHOST or LSFORCEHOST, pointing to the HyperChem license server. You don't actually need it, so you can change it to point at
which fixes the issue. Specifics to make this change:
1) Right-click on My Computer, and in its menu select Properties;
2) In the dialog System Properties, click on the tab Advanced;
3) In the page Advanced, click on the button Environment Variables;
4) In the dialog Environment Variables, in the section User variables, scroll down until you see the variable LSHOST or LSFORCEHOST 
 a) If you see one of these variables, double-click on it;
 b) If you see both of these variables, double-click on LSHOST;
 c) If you see neither of these variables, click on the button New; and in the dialog New User Variable, in the text field the Variable name:, type or copy-and-paste LSHOST , and proceed with step 5.
5) In the dialog Edit System Variable, in the text field Variable value:, type or copy-and-paste the address ;
6) Click on the button OK;
7) Back in the dialog Environment Variables, in both sections User variables and System variables, make sure there isn't another variable LSHOST or LSFORCEHOST pointing at HyperChem; if there is, click on it and click the button Delete in that section.
8) Click on the button OK;
9) Back in the dialog System Properties, click on the button OK.