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Submitted by Shu-Min Liao on Tuesday, 4/27/2010, at 8:17 AM

Find and share with the class some interesting statistical "stories" (studies/news/jokes/...). Pick up one Friday below and fill your name in STORY TELLER:

DateStory TellerTopic
Feb. 19Hannah MervesEconomics - Freakonomics
Feb. 26Sarah Gelles
Baseball - Regression to the mean 
Mar. 5John D'AngeloBaseball - UZR  
Mar. 23Caris Longoria

Netflix $1 million Challenge  


Basic article:

In depth:

Mar. 26Maddie Weingarten 
Apr. 2Sam Sperling 
Apr. 9Hannah HamavidUS racial/ethnic disparities in health declines, mortalityUS racial/ethnic disparities in health declines, mortality 
Apr. 16Julian Damashek

Statistics of DNA sequences and evolution


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Apr. 23Will LawtonBaseball - Estimating SO & BB %
Apr. 30Caca