Submitted by Michiko A. Theurer on Sunday, 12/6/2009, at 8:53 PM

If you have a chance before tomorrow, listen to How Slow the Wind and at least some of A Flock Descends..., which should help clarify my paper.  If you're intrigued, Les Yeux Clos (The closed eyes) is a somewhat different flavor (for piano) and neat to listen to with the picture open, and Requiem is a much earlier work, perhaps his first masterpiece (Stravinsky approved).  La Mer is mostly to refresh our collective memories about Debussy; a gorgeous piece and well worth any time that's not already double-booked...

How Slow the WindHow Slow the Wind


Les Yeux Clos I and II

(1988) Based on painting of same name by Odilon Redon

A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden


(1957) Early work composed in memory of his mentor and fellow film composer, Fumio Hayasaka.  Often taken to be a premature requiem for himself.

Also, Debussy was one of Takemitsu's major musical influences.  Here's an orchestral work ("The Sea"); take a listen if you get a chance:

La Mer