Submitted by Christopher V. Trinacty (inactive) on Wednesday, 12/9/2009, at 10:14 AM

Sept. 8th:  Introduction to Class                       

Homework: Read Grammatical Review (8-11); Glossary of Important Terms (12-19); Chap 1 (pp. 20-29)

Sept. 9th:  Discussion of Reading                       

Homework:  Unit One – Exercises 1 (p. 33, 1-12)

Sept. 10th:  Review Session:  We will look over Drills (I, II, III) and discuss any questions you may have.

Sept. 11th:  Discussion of Exercises.                       

Homework:  Unit One – Exercises (p. 34, 1-2).  Read Unit Two (pp. 35-7).  Write out one first conjugation, and one second conjugation verb in all the tenses/moods you have learned thus far.

Sept. 14th:  Discussion of Exercises, Verbal Moods, Conditional Sentences            

Homework:  Unit Two – Drill (p.43, II, 1-14).

Sept. 16th:  Further discussion of Conditions           

Homework:  Unit Two – Exercises (p.44-5, 1-10)

Sept. 17th:  Review Session:  We will review verb tenses/moods.

Sept. 18th:  Discussion of Exercises, Quiz #1           

Homework:  Unit Two – (p. 46 1-2, Reading - all)

Sept. 21st:  We will go over the quiz, the exercises, and the reading.  Introduction of Unit 3.

Homework:  Read Unit 3 (pp.47-53).  Do Unit 3 drills I, II (p. 55), and IV (p. 56 #1-9 odds).

Sept. 23rd:  We will go over the drills from Monday, discuss purpose clauses, indirect commands and practice with adjective and noun agreement.

Homework:  Unit 3 exercises (p.57 #1-15 odds).

Sept. 24th:  Review Session (7-9 p.m. Chapin 103).  We will go over the Unit 3 Preliminary exercises (p. 56-7 #1-12).

Sept. 25th:  We will go over the exercises from Wednesday.  Quiz #2 over the concepts of Unit 3.

Homework:  Read Unit 4 (pp.59-67).  Write out a verb synopsis for each conjugation of verb.  Please pick one verb from each conjugation (you can pick whatever verb you want although I’d prefer you didn’t pick those that the book uses).  It’d be nice if you did each verb from a different person (e.g. one 1st person singular, one 2nd person singular, one third person singular, etc...).  This way you’ll have practice with all those different endings and different forms.   

Sept. 28th:  We will go over the formation of all tenses of the subjunctive, the passive voice, and review your verb conjugations.

Homerwork:  Unit 4 Drill (p.70 I. A & B #1-20), Unit 4 Exercises (p.72) 1-15 odds.

Sept. 30th:  We will go over the homework and review verb conjugations.

Homework:  STUDY FOR FRIDAY'S EXAM.  The Self-Review on pp. 74-82 is very useful

Oct. 1st:  Review Session (7 - 9 p.m.).  We will review Chapters 1-4.

Oct. 2nd:  Exam #1.

Homework:  Read Unit 5 (pp. 83-90).

Oct. 5th:  We will go over the exam and the grammar in Unit 5.

Homework:  Unit 5 drill II. 1-9 odds (p.93).  Unit 5 exercises 2-10 evens (pp. 94-5)

Oct. 7th:  We will go over the homework and talk more about uses of the participle.

Homework:  Unit 5 exercises 12-24 evens (p. 95).

Oct. 8th:  Review Session on Unit 5.  We will go over the homework from Wednesday.  Please come to this session if possible because there will be no class on Friday.

Oct. 9th:  No Class.  In place of a quiz, translate the Reading (p. 96) and send me a translation via e-mail by the end of the day.  Feel free to work in pairs on this, and use your book and notes to compose your translation.  If you work in pairs, simply send me one version with both of your names on it.

Oct. 12th:  Fall Break

Oct. 14th:  We will go over the reading and the topics in Unit Six.

Homework: Do preliminary exercises #1-10 (p.107), exercises #1-9 odds (pp. 107-8).

Oct. 15th:  Review session -- we will work on 3rd declension nouns, infinitives, and indirect statements.

Oct. 16th:  We will go over the homework and the topics of Unit Six.

Homework:  Do exercises #11-19 odds (p. 108), English->Latin translation #1-2 (p. 109), and read Unit Seven.  Write out a paradigm of a demonstrative adjective (hic, haec, hoc / ille, illa, illud / is, ea, id) and a new third declension noun (from Unit Six or Seven) in all cases and #.

Oct. 19th:  We will go over the exercises and introduce the topics of Unit Seven.

Homework:  Read over the unit again and do the preliminary exercises #1-20 (p.121).

Oct. 21st:  We will go over the homework and discuss relative clauses.

Homework: Do exercises #1-19 odds (pp. 121-2).

Oct. 22nd:  During our review, we will look at the major concepts of Units Six and Seven.

Oct. 23rd:  We will go over the exercises.  Quiz on Units Six and Seven.  

Homework:  Read Unit Eight.  Write out a fourth and fifth declension noun with an adjective of 3, 2, or 1 terminations.  Compose a Latin sentence using an imperative.

Oct. 26th:  We will go over the quiz.  Introduction of Unit Eight.

Homework:  Unit Eight Preliminary Exercises #2-14 even (pp. 135-6).  Unit Eight Exercises #2-6 even (p. 136).

Oct. 28th:  We will go over the homework and continue to improve our understanding of Unit Eight.

Homework:  STUDY FOR THE EXAM ON FRIDAY! The review (pp. 140-149) is very useful!

Oct. 29th:  Review session from 7:00-9:00 on the major concepts of units 5-8.  Note that there is a Classics Club lecture at 6:00 p.m. -- all are encouraged to come!

Oct. 30th:  Test #2.

Homework:  Read Unit Nine.  Write out a complete paradigm of a comparative and a superlative adjective

Nov. 2nd:  We will go over the exam.  Introduction of Unit Nine.

Homework:  Unit Nine Drill I. (1-8) p. 157.  Exercises (1-13, odd) p. 159.

Nov. 4th:  We will go over the homework and continue our work on Unit Nine.

Homework:  Unit Nine Exercises (15-25, odd) pp. 159-160.  Reading (p. 161).

Nov. 5th:  Review Session on Unit Nine.  N.B. Konstan lecture at 4:30 p.m. in Fayerweather 117.

Nov. 6th:  We will go over the homework and there will be a quiz on Unit Nine.

Homework:  Read Unit Ten and do Unit Ten-- Drill I (1-10) p. 169.

Nov. 9th:  Introduction of Unit Ten grammar and syntax -- ablative absolute, fero ferre tuli latus-a-um, etc.

Homework:  Unit Ten Exercises #1-19 odd (p. 171-2).

Nov. 11th:  We will go over the exercises and continue to work on the concepts of Unit Ten.

Homework:  Unit Ten Exercises *21-27 odd (p. 172).  Readings B (Dido and Aeneas) and C (Catullus) pp. 173-4.

Nov. 12th:  Review Session on Unit Ten.

Nov. 13th:  We wil go over the exercises and readings.  Quiz on Unit Ten.

Homework:  Read Unit Eleven (Deponent Verbs!  Volo, nolo, malo!).  Do Preliminary Exercises #1-10 (p. 187).

Nov. 16th:  Introduction to Unit Eleven.  

Homework:  Exercises #1-12 (p. 187)

Nov. 18th:  We will go over the homework and continue our work on the grammar of Unit Eleven.

Homework:  Reading A (p. 189)

No Review Session this week

Nov. 20th:  We will discuss Cicero and Latin palaeography.

Homework: Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Break!  N.B. There will be an exam on Units Eight through Eleven the Wednesday after we return so if you have a chance to look over them over break, that will help!

Nov. 30:  Review of Units Eight through Eleven.

Dec. 2:  Exam #3.

Homework:  Read Unit Twelve.

Dec. 4:  We will go over the exam.  Introduction of Unit Twelve.

Homework:  Unit 12 Drills #1-15 odd (p. 210-211); Exercises 1-9 odd (p. 212)

Dec. 7:  We will go over the homework from Unit 12 and continue working on independent uses of the subjunctive and indirect questions.

Homework:  Unit 12 Exercises 11-19 odd (p. 212).  Read Unit 13.  Do preliminary exercises #1-9 odd (p. 226).


Dec. 11:  We will conclude our discussion of Unit 12 and introduce the concepts of Unit 13..

Homework: Exercises 1-15 odd (p. 227), #51 (long translation of Caesar).

Dec. 14:  Last day of class.  We will conclude our work on Unit 13 and talk about the final.

Dec. 17th: Review Session.  Chapin 103 7:00-9:00 pm.

Dec. 20:  Final Exam.  Chapin 201.  2:00-4:00 pm.