Second Toriawase Assignment

Submitted by Samuel C. Morse on Tuesday, 11/10/2009, at 1:46 PM

Working in your assigned groups complete your Toriawase.  Select a Flower Vessel, Fresh Water Container, Hanging Scroll, and Tea Caddy (ceramic or lacquer) to go with your tea bowls.  You may maintain the original theme of your tea ceremony or you may modify that theme now that you know more of the history of tea and tea objects.  Pay particular attention to where you want your tea ceremony to take place and also select a Tea Room (historic or modern) in which to hold the event.  Also pay attention to how your event fits into the history of tea.  You might further refine your toriawase with the selection of a Tea Scoop and a Kettle.  Other objects that you may want to include are an Incense Container, a Slop Dish and a Lid Rest.


Groups A-C will make their presentations on Nov. 16 and Groups D-F will make their presentations on Nov. 18.


Working independently, provide a description of your Toriawase and the rationale for your choices in an essay of 4-5 pages which is due on Friday, November, 20.