Fall 2008

Fleeting Images: Choreography on Film

Listed in: Theater and Dance, as THDA-23


Constance Valis Hill (Section 01)


This selected survey of choreography on film and video indulges in the purely kinesthetic experience of watching the dancing body on film. We will focus on works that have most successfully effected a true synthesis of the two mediums, negotiating between the spatial freedom of film and the time-space-energy fields of dance, the cinematic techniques of camera-cutting-collage, and the vibrant continuity of the moving body. We will discern the roles of the choreographer, director, and editor in shaping and controlling the moving image and explore the relationship of music and the dancing body. We will also attempt to theorize the medium of the “moving picture dance” and formulate a theoretical understanding of the relationship between films and viewers and the powerful effect of the moving/dancing image on viewers. Putting theory to practice, we will form small group collaborations to create an original study in choreography for the camera. Fall semester. Five College Professor Valis Hill.