Fall 2008

The Language of Movement

Listed in: Theater and Dance, as THDA-11


Wendy Woodson (Section 01)


An introduction to movement as a language and to dance and performance composition. In studio sessions students will explore and expand their individual movement vocabularies by working improvisationally with weight, posture, gesture, patterns, rhythm, space, and relationship of body parts. We will ask what these vocabularies might communicate about emotion, thought, physical structures, cultural/social traditions, and aesthetic preferences. In addition we will observe movement practices in everyday situations and in formal performance events and use these observations as inspiration for individual and group compositions. Two two-hour class/studio meetings and a two-hour production workshop per week. Selected readings and viewing of video and live performance. Limited to 20 students. Fall and Spring semesters. Fall semester. Professor Woodson. Spring semester. Visiting Lecturer Nicoli.