Fall 2008

Exploring Music

Listed in: Music, as MUSI-12


Karen C. Rosenak (Section 01)


Through composition and performance of our own works and through the analysis of popular masterworks from Bach to Broadway, we will build a solid working understanding of the basic principles of melody and harmony in the Western tradition. Creative assignments will include writing melodies and accompaniments as well as brief exercises solving specific musical problems. We will use our instruments and voices to bring musical examples to life in the classroom. Three hours of classroom instruction plus a one-hour lab session for ear- and musicianship-training per week. Requisite: Ability to read music, some experience in singing or playing an instrument, or Music 11. Students who have not previously taken a course in music theory at Amherst College are encouraged to take a self-administered placement exam available on reserve in the Music Library and on the Music Department Website (http://www.amherst.edu/~music/TheoryPlacement.pdf). Students are also encouraged to discuss placement in music theory with a member of the Music Department. Fall and Spring semesters. Fall semester: Valentine Professor Rosenak. Spring semester: Professor Schneider.