Fall 2008

Calculus with Algebra

Listed in: Mathematics and Statistics, as MATH-05


David A. Cox (Section 01)


Mathematics 05 and 06 are designed for students whose background and algebraic skills are inadequate for the fast pace of Mathematics 11. In addition to covering the usual material of beginning calculus, these courses will have an extensive review of algebra and trigonometry. There will be a special emphasis on solving word problems. Mathematics 05 starts with a quick review of algebraic manipulations, inequalities, absolute values and straight lines. Then the basic ideas of calculus-limits, derivatives, and integrals-are introduced, but only in the context of polynomial and rational functions. As various applications are studied, the algebraic techniques involved will be reviewed in more detail. When covering related rates and maximum-minimum problems, time will be spent learning how to approach, analyze and solve word problems. Four class hours per week. Note: While Mathematics 05 and 06 are sufficient for any course with a Mathematics 11 requisite, Mathematics 05 alone is not. However, students who plan to take Mathematics 12 should consider taking Mathematics 05 and then Mathematics 11, rather than Mathematics 06. Fall semester. Students cannot register for both Mathematics 05 and Chemistry 11 in the same semester. Fall semester. Professor Cox.