Fall 2008

Introduction to French Literature and Culture

Listed in: French, as FREN-07


Jay L. Caplan (Section 01)
Leah D. Hewitt (Section 02)


Through class discussion, debates, and frequent short papers, students develop effective skills in self-expression, analysis, and interpretation. Literary texts, articles on current events, and films are studied within the context of the changing structures of French society and France’s complex relationship to its recent past. Assignments include both creative and analytic approaches to writing. Some grammar review as necessary, as well as work on understanding spoken French using videotapes. Highly recommended for students planning to study abroad. Requisite: French 05, or completion of AP French, or four years of secondary school French in a strong program. Fall and Spring semesters. Fall semester: Professors Caplan and Hewitt. Spring semester: Professor Hewitt.