Fall 2008


Listed in: English, as ENGL-01


Jennifer A. Cayer (Section 07)


In this course we will examine a wide variety of works that challenge generic and disciplinary boundaries, specifically those that reside between literary and visual art. We will examine, and write about, the philosophical and political gestures behind select case studies of so-called “hybrid” or composite forms. What constitutes the “literary” as such? What representational claims do texts and images make? How do hybrid literary and visual works challenge and/or co-opt dominant modes of representation? What are the social-political-historical conditions motivating their production? In order to respond to these questions we will engage with a variety of twentieth-century and contemporary works that are preoccupied with the visual, perform visually, and employ images within narrative. We will also look at contemporary graphic novels. One of our goals is to improve our writing skills via analysis, synthesis, and creative engagement with the course materials. Limited to 20 students. Fall semester. Visiting Professor Cayer.