Chemistry 12

Spring, 2008


Week ofExperiment

January 28

No Lab

February 4

Check in

Experiment I: Molecular Modeling of Noncovalent Interactions

February 11

Experiment II: Calorimetric Determination of the Enthalpy Change for the Neutralization of an Acid and a Base

Lab Report I Due

February 18

Experiment II Discussion & Write-Up

February 25

Experiment III: The Binding of HABA and Biotin to Avidin: Determination of an Equilibrium Constant

Lab Report II Due

March 3

Experiment IV: Titration of a Weak Acid

Lab Report III Due

March 10

Experiment V: An Introduction to Electrode Reactions

Lab Report IV Due

March 17

No Lab

March 24

Experiment VI: Electrochemistry - Testing the Nernst Equation

Lab Report V Due

March 31

Experiment VI: Electrochemistry - Determining the Thermochemical Constants for the AgCl Precipitation Reaction

April 7

Experiment VI Discussion & Write-Up

April 14

Experiment VII: Chemical Kinetics - Effect of Temperature

Lab Report VI Due

April 21

Experiment VII: Chemical Kinetics - Effect of Concentration

April 28

Experiment VII Discussion & Write-Up

May 5

Lab Report VII Due

Check out

Lab Safety Rules (Spring 2000)

Errors and Significant Figures

Volumetric Equipment