Classics, Greek and Latin Prizes


THE ANTHONY AND ANASTASIA NICOLAIDES AWARD established by Cleanthes Anthony Nicolaides, class of 1968, in honor of his parents and in testimony of their belief in the goodness of science, is awarded to the senior who presents the best thesis on the topic of Greek science and mathematics from Homeric times to 1453 A.D.


THE WILLIAM C. COLLAR PRIZE, established by William C. Collar of the class of 1859, is awarded to the member of the freshman class who shall make on a written examination the best version in English of a previously unseen page from some Greek author.

THE HUTCHINS PRIZE, established by Waldo Hutchins of the class of 1842, is awarded for excellence in Greek.


THE BERTRAM PRIZES, established by John Bertram of Salem, are two prizes awarded to students who, together with attaining a high average in the Latin courses of the senior year, present the best essays connected with these courses.

THE BILLINGS PRIZES were established by Frederick Billings in memory of Parmly Billings of the class of 1884. Two prizes are awarded for general excellence in the Latin courses of the sophomore year together with the best essays on special topics connected with the authors read in that year.

THE CROWELL PRIZES were established in memory of Edward Payson Crowell of the class of 1853. Two prizes are awarded—one for highest scholarship in the freshman Latin courses and the other to the student who, together with attaining a high average in the Latin courses of the junior year, presents the best essay on some approved topic connected with the junior Latin course.

THE DR. ERNEST D. DANIELS LATIN PRIZE, established in honor of Dr. Ernest D. Daniels of the class of 1890, is awarded to the graduating senior who has submitted the best honors thesis on a Latin subject.

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