Purdy Lab: Regulation of acetyl-CoA synthetase transcription by the CrbS/R two-component system is conserved in genetically diverse environmental pathogens

Kristin Jacob, Anna Rasmussen ‘13, Paul Tyler ‘14, Mariah M. Servos ‘14, Mariame Sylla ‘15, Cecilia Prado, Elizabeth Daniele, Josh S. Sharp, and Alexandra E. Purdy

PLOS ONE May 2017

Poccia Lab: The Use of Two-Photon FRET-FLIM to Study Protein Interactions during Nuclear Envelope Fusion in vivo and in vitro

Byrne, R.D., Larijani, B. and Poccia, D.L.

2016 Methods in Molecular Biology 1411: in press.
In, The Nuclear Envelope: Methods and Protocols

    FRET–FLIM techniques have wide application in the study of protein and protein–lipid interactions in cells.