Kim Photo 1.jpg In June, Kenny Kim (Biology’17) presented a poster at the International C. elegans Genetics Society Conference at UCLA, with 2000 attendees.

 The presented research focused on the C. elegans hop-1 gene, which encodes a presenilin protein previously thought to be simply a back up to the better-known sel-12 presenilin protein. The presented data demonstrate how the hop-1 gene has an important and unique function in maintaining gamete production in adult animals.

This research represents a culmination of collaborative efforts from several thesis students working in the Goutte lab who were also co-authors on the poster: Josh Jiang (BCBP’17), Ruth Solomon (Biology’16), Donna Leet (Biology’15), and Brian Brady (BCBP’13).  The poster was well-attended by members of labs from around the country studying germ-line development and cell signaling.  Kenny’s participation in this conference was made possible by the Biology Schotte prize.

Kim Photo 2.jpg Kim Photo 3.jpg